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To help event organisers and community groups plan their events effectively, this guide will help you determine whether your event needs Council approval and understand which permits and other documents you need to hold the event.

Does my event need Council approval?

You only need to apply for approval if one or more of the following describes your event:

  • There will be more than 50 attendees, including artists, staff, contractors and volunteers.
  • You want exclusive use of the rotunda at Alexandra Gardens or Canterbury Gardens.
  • You plan to erect temporary infrastructure, for example marquees, portable movie screens. staging, a PA system or portable toilets.
  • Your event is catered by an external supplier.
  • Your event includes inflatables or a petting zoo.
  • Your event includes the sale of products or market stalls.
  • Your event Includes a display of fireworks or pyrotechnics.
  • Your event requires a road closure or footpath occupation.
  • Your event requires vehicle access to open space.
  • A fee is charged for entry to or participation in your event.

If none of these items describe the event, you can hold it without any further correspondence with Council. You may exit the guide.

If any of these items apply to the event, use the guide help you through the booking and approval process.


We recommend you allow at least 12 weeks to organise a Council-approved event in a park, garden or sportsground.

Support for community organisations

The City of Boroondara offers a variety of grants to support community events. For more information on Council’s grant program and to check your organisation’s eligibility visit Community Grants.

For queries and advice on events in parks, gardens and sportsgrounds contact your Events Officer on 9278 4595 or email [email protected].

To view links to other venue options, visit the Hire a venue page.

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