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Depending on the type of business you operate or are planning to start, you may need to register and apply for different permits.

Conduct business activities on a footpath

If you would like to put tables and chairs on the footpath or display goods or advertising boards, you'll need to apply for a permit. See commercial street furniture permit and road and footpath permits.

Run a business from home

You may need a Planning Permit to run a business from home

Build or renovate commercial premises

You may need a Planning Permit, Building Permit or both to construct, develop or renovate a building.

To find out which permits you need for your construction project, see Do I need a permit?


You may be eligible for a permit to park all day in designated areas in some car parks in Boroondara as part of our Traders Parking Permit Scheme.

Food businesses

If you want to open a food business or buy an existing food business, you will need to register with Council. See food businesses.

Domestic animal businesses

To run a pet shop, puppy training centre, breeding establishment, animal shelter or boarding establishment for dogs or cats, you need a permit from Council.

Apply for a Domestic Animal Business Permit.

Health, beauty and accommodation

If you are planning to open a health-related business, such as a hairdresser, or an accommodation premises, such as a hotel, we strongly recommend you email Health Services or contact the team on 9278 4701 for advice.

Register a new health or beauty business.

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