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Dumped rubbish and litter are an eyesore and can be a health hazard. They are also offences under the Environment Protection Act 1970.

We provide residents with 2 free hard waste collections each year for items that are not accepted in weekly bin collections to help keep our streets clean and tidy.

Dumped waste on Council land

We remove dumped rubbish from Council-owned land, such as parks, naturestrips, laneways and footpaths, and investigate to identify the offender.

Dumped waste on private land

If someone has dumped rubbish on private land, our Local Laws team will follow up with the land owner to investigate and arrange for the rubbish to be removed.

Report dumped waste

If you see dumped rubbish or someone dumping rubbish, you can report it to Council so we can investigate and organise its removal.

If you have a smartphone, you can report it using the Snap Send Solve app, which is free from iTunes and Google Play store.

Or you can email Council or call us during business hours (or out of hours for urgent cases) on 9278 4444.

If you know any information about the person(s) involved (name, phone number, address, vehicle registration number) this would be helpful for our investigation. 

If we find the person responsible for dumping the rubbish, fines may be issued according to the Environment Protection Act 1970. In some cases, people are prosecuted and heavy fines apply.

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